Friday, 31 March 2017

Can E-Cigarettes Really Help Smokers Quit?

Numerous research projects show that electronic cigarettes are by no means efficient in Nicotine replacement therapies. People usually buy them from a vape shop online, holding the belief they will ease their work and motivate them even more. However, other nicotine-based products like the nicotine patch or gum are backed by scientific evidence in regards to their effectiveness. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are not. Furthermore, not all chemical constituents present in the e-liquid’s composition were studied. Experiments conducted by the British experts indicate the presence of cancer-causing chemicals although in doses small enough as not to put problems. Even so, the intense marketing they benefit from affects the general public’s perception on them.

What do people think they know versus what they really acknowledge

Most people are not educated enough on the subject so they resort to solutions promoted by the media sources. A 2014 worldwide survey showed that 88% of the respondents regarded vaping( smoking e-cigarettes) as less harmful than using tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, 11% of them stated that e-cigarettes were completely harmless. What may contribute to these beliefs is that the majority of e-cigarettes are labeled as nicotine-free. Studies suggest that first generation manufacturers actively integrated nicotine in their products while stating otherwise. Later generation e-cigarette manufacturers have done this as well, although in a significantly smaller number.

E-cigarettes imitate the act of tobacco cigarette smoking by releasing a flavored aerosol that resembles smoke. People may be inclined to believe, they are efficient in helping them quit smoking because of this. A small proportion of users are aware of the nicotine present in e-cigarettes. Although in small amounts, it can still produce addiction.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration‘s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has not approved e-cigarettes as an available method to help people quit smoking. In spite of this, the FDA’s approval of e-cigarettes as safe products may influence people to think the devices are beneficial. A 2010 survey conducted on the UK’s territory showed that 77% of the respondents used both usual cigarettes and e-cigarettes. It is unsafe to regard the electronic cigarettes as an effective method in helping one quit smoking. There is little data on the product’s safety and even less on its adverse effects.

Furthermore, there is evidence that shows nicotine e-cigarettes can cause addiction in non-smokers or perpetuate it in the case of active smokers. People who look for way to quit smoking may want to address a specialist as nicotine addiction is difficult to overcome without external support in most cases. There are many methods that sustain the process and make it a successful one. Electronic cigarettes are most likely inefficient when compared with other products.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Use E-Cigarettes To Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smoking is obviously injurious for health. It causes lung cancer and many other health problems. Thus, one should never do cigarette smoking. For the chain smokers, it is not at all easy to quit smoking as they become addicted to it. It can take several months or years for them to quit smoking. Most of them get failed in this because of heavy addiction. E cigarettes are now widely used for vaping. These cigarettes prove to be an effective tool for reducing smoking.

Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping and smoking are two different things. Smoking has lots of disadvantages while vaping does not have any. Smoking affects your health badly whereas vaping does not cause health problems. Some more differences between them are listed below-

  • Tar - Smoking is very harmful for your lungs as it produces tar in your lungs that causes lung cancer. Vaping does not produce tar so it is safe for your lungs.
  • Tobacco - Cigarettes with tobacco are used for smoking. Tobacco smoking is harmful for your mouth and respiratory organs. Vaping is done with the help of e- cigarettes. E liquids that are used in e cigarettes do not contain tobacco. You can buy these e liquids from ecig store online.
  • Chemicals - Cigarette smoke contains lots of harmful chemicals including the cancer causing compounds and toxin. They can badly affect your health. On the other hand, ingredients that are used in vaping are glycerine, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavours. All these ingredients are safe for your health. E liquids and the vapour that they produce do not produce any harmful smoke as they do not contain any harmful chemical.
In every way, vaping is better than smoking and no one can deny this. Hence, it is the best alternative to smoking. Instead of spending a lot of money on cigarette smoking, you should buy one e cigarette and enjoy the same with vaping. E cigarettes provide the same pleasure like cigarette smoking. Thus, you can use it to quit smoking. As soon as you quit smoking, it will be great for you otherwise you may have to suffer badly.

E cigarettes provide all what you need to quit smoking. Vaping and smoking provide a similar feel. While vaping you will feel like you are smoking and you will not feel the need to smoke again. Even if you are a chain smoker, you can quit smoking by using e cigarettes. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Quit Smoking By Switching To E-Liquid Flavours

Smoking in any form is injurious to health and should not be practiced at all. For those who are addicted to smoking, quitting it immediately is not easy and takes significant efforts. Smoking leads to deposition of tar in the lungs which is quite injurious and to abstain from tar completely you can take the help of electronic cigarettes in the form of vape.

Vaping is nothing but simply vaporizing e-juice with the help of e-cigarettes. The juice is in the flavoured form and contains significant amount of nicotine which helps to satisfy the need for cigarettes. The juice is devoid of any kind of tar and carcinogen and still gives smoking like experience.  E-smoking with the help of Vaping is quite effective in quitting smoking and with different flavours on online vape shop you can fulfil your addiction for nicotine by having different fruit flavours and in the form of e-liquids.

Some of the most common e-liquids that help you to satiate your addiction of nicotine and help in getting rid of smoking are given below-

Cream and strawberry flavour - This one is one of the most common flavours and gives significant amount of satisfaction to the inhaler. With nicotine content in moderation, the e-liquid juice helps a person to quit smoking slowly and steadily in the most effective fashion.

Apple flavour e- juice- The apple flavour comes in light to strong flavour and gives quite apple like taste when vaporized of smoked.  One of the most common flavours, it helps a person in getting rid of smoking quite easily without even compromising on any grounds.

There are different flavours for people of different taste and every flavour has its unique taste and appeal. The vapour in the form of e-liquids is quite less harmful than smoking a cigarette and helps you to quit smoking and improving your health. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How Are E-Cigs Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

E- Cigarettes have gained sudden popularity among the people as it has almost replaced the traditional cigarettes in some countries. You can effectively elevate your vaping experience with a wide selection of e- liquids. Vaping and other smoke free products are advantageous to lower the risk of health. With the increasing demand, now several brands are offering the e-cigs online. One can explore the online vape shop to grab the best electronic cigarette.

These cigs work by heating the atomizer which in turn heats the e-liquid that is finally converted into smoke. The device is available in the form of a pen and you can easily switch it on and start vaping. The electronic cigarettes also provide you an opportunity to vape your desired flavours apart from tobacco.

Helps to reduce exposure to tobacco

You all know that traditional cigarettes are harmful for the environment including both non smokers and smokers. Vaping is quite effective to lower the effects of tobacco and produces smoke that is not harmful for humans and environment. The traditional cigarette contains thousands of toxic, chemicals and carcinogenic compounds that can be proven to be fatal.

Variety of vaping liquids

There are wide varieties of flavours that tend to satisfy the taste of individual. The vapours are scentless while flavour of vaping liquid is not. People can select their vaping liquid according to their favourite cigarette. People who like traditional or menthol cigarettes can choose tobacco or menthol vaping flavours respectively.

Vaporizers are efficient to eliminate smell

During Smoking people often face with smell of tobacco all around them including smell on skin and clothes for a long time. The scentless liquid does not smell in the environment while people don’t have to wash their hands to get rid of that smell. These vaporizing liquids are colourless while avoid staining of finger and teeth of the smoker.

Monday, 26 September 2016

E-Cigarette To Help You Quit Old Habits

There are many people across the globe which have used or are using cigarettes on a daily basis. The ones, who have left smoking, are happy to see themselves with the improvement. There is not just nicotine which needs to be blamed for the addiction. It is no doubt that nicotine is highly addictive but, there are certain instances when 2500 chemicals combine to form a state of addiction in the body. The chemicals used in the making of the paper over the cigarette are more harmful as compared to the inside material of the cigarette. There are research done over the quality of the cigarette paper and the conclusion was that the cheaper the cigarette more damage it will do.

So, what do we learn this far? That cigarette including tobacco and nicotine is less harmful as compared to the 2500 or above chemicals which are used in the making of the paper. Now, the question arises, where to find a replacement of the paper?

Well, the answer is simple. Using E-cigarettes can help. The use of E-cigarettes helps one to curb down the use of traditional cigarette. It requires no paper to be burned. In addition, these are now easily available at the ecig store online and one can purchase it in any flavour of their desire. There are many other benefits as well of using E-cigarettes. Some of them are mentioned below-
No paper burning means any harmful chemicals- The use of no paper policy in E-cigarettes will enhance the use of tobacco and nicotine only which is less harmful than the paper.

Vapor which does less damage as compared to the smoke - The vapor involved in the final product of tobacco and nicotine being burned in an E-cigarette, is less harmful as compared to the smoke which comes out in consuming ordinary cigarettes. The smoke does cause more damage to the body. So, the choice vests in your hands if you want to smoke and stay healthy at the same time, switch to E-cigarettes today.

Available in various flavours – the e-cigs are available in wide range of flavours like apple, strawberry, mint, chocolate, tobacco, melon etc. You can get them in your favourite flavour and satisfy your urge for smoking. As the liquids are available in the form of refills, one can easily buy them and enjoy vaping without any hassle.

As the e-cigs do not produce smoke, they can be used at public places. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Different Flavours Of Eliquids To Add A Different Touch To Your Party

 When you are organising any party, you must be very peculiar with the menu and the drinks that you have in the party as they are very important to make an impact over the guests. The e-cigs have become very common in the parties these days and make the best liquid drinks that help you to make a better impression on the guests in the party. You can make a check on the ecig store online to know about the different flavours that are available for you.

There are different varieties that are available for you in the stores that are even suitable to the kids and here are some of the sweet varieties of these ecigs that you can have for your party that even involves the kids:

Lemon flavour:

This is one of the best flavours of refreshments that add freshness after you get a sip of it. They make you to forget about all the roughness that you have in the day. It can even be a very good option for you to have at your homes and will help you to get over from the problem of hangovers in the morning with its refreshing taste and flavour.

Cherry cola bear:

This flavour is very similar yet very different to the commonly used cola bears as it brings the different taste of the cherries that are quite liked by everyone. They can be perfect soft drinks in the parties for those who like a little hard flavour.

Menthol flavours:

Menthol is another flavour that adds quality and is very good for health. It has become very common in the parties, and some of you even prefer to have them in your house. You can even experiment with the flavours by adding a touch of strawberry flavour to have a mock tail drink ready for the kids and the teens in order to avoid the use of alcohols in the parties.

Fruity flavours:

If you want to have healthy soft drinks in your party, then the fruity flavours can be your best bet as you can easily get different ecigs in the online as well as offline shops. Some of the most popular fruit varieties that are being used are banana, cherry, papaya, mango amongst others to add healthy and tasty drinks in the party. They can also be a very good option for the kid’s parties to give them some nutrition.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Different Flavours Of E-Cigs That You Can Have In Your Parties

In the current times, there has been a massive increase in the demand of e-cigs in various parties and functions of Hornchurch. There is various Hornchurch e cigs shop that supplies you with these e-cigs in different flavours that can be an ideal drink for the adults as well as the kids as it is now available in various refreshing flavours.  Here are just some brief looks at the various flavours in which you can have these e-cigs to make your party more interesting:


This can be an ideal flavour for the cocktail parties as it allows you to freshen up completely once you are completely drunk. This also serves as a great option for the guests who are feeling a little tired as the menthol is a great energizer which also helps you in having a nice odour of mouth. This is the reason why the menthol e-cigs have got increasingly popular in the parties across the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. If you want to know more, click on the link.

Sweet drinks:

In case, you are having children at your party who are likely to have a smoke at these e-cigs, these sweet drink flavours can be an ideal option for you. These sweets are available in various flavours such as cherry and cola which is highly liked by the kids and they do not have any side-effects on the health as well. It is one of the common reasons why these flavours are also being included in the kid’s birthday parties in the recent times.